Job Evaluation Re-Imagined

Computer Technology makes Job Evaluation Easy and Objective

A better way to collect Job Data; an on-line, multiple-choice Job Analysis Questionnaire collects job information.

The multiple-choice Questionnaire eliminates creative writing (there are no open-ended questions) and takes about one hour to complete.

The Questionnaire probes Job Data across 27 clearly defined job factors; the granularity of the Job data captures all aspects of every job

Job Evaluation results are objective; they are system generated based on the responses to the Questionnaire, with no subjective interpretation required

The technology enables storage and efficient management of Job Data to generate Job Descriptions, Job Evaluations and Recruiting documents

Job Evaluation results are transparent  - Job Descriptions incorporate the actual response to the questionnaire; evaluation criteria is crystal clear.

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Industry-leading Job Evaluation Software

Industry-leading job evaluation software products and services by Encompassing Visions. Is your organization pay equity compliant? We're here to help.

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Job evaluation software | Encompassing Visions

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  • Envitae and the Job Database: This allows clients to efficiently capture high quality Job Data, including competencies, then apply this data (via an API) to their existing HR process; or
  • Envitae, Job Database, Job Descriptions, Job Evaluation and Recruiting and Posting: This allows clients the benefits of capturing Job Data and applying it to these Job Data specific modules; or
  • The full suite of products: This allows clients to further marry Job Data and the Employee Assessment Data for application in the Learning and Growth and Talent Assignment and Planning modules. is a division of Encompassing Visions, the industry leader in job evaluation software.

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