Encompassing Visions offers two unique and distinguishing advantages over every other Job Evaluation Software and Talent Management software solution:

  • The ability to efficiently collect detailed, high quality Job Data that defines and reflects an organizations core competencies; and,
  • The means to seamlessly integrate Job Data with Employee Competency Assessment Data to inform a number of technology-enabled HR processes.
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Is your current Job Evaluation software system generating results that are subjective, difficult to explain, or hard to defend?

We designed the best job evaluation software module to assess traditional factors as well as measure the attributes of the ‘modern’ organization like Emotional Intelligence, Managing Change, and Customer Orientation.

  • More than 15 audits help ensure the integrity of Job Evaluation results.
  • A more granular evaluation methodology ensures every aspect of the role is taken into account and valued.
  • System generated evaluations ensure objective and consistent results (i.e. not open to subjective interpretation).
  • Evaluate the full spectrum of jobs in an organization.
  • Job Evaluation is viewed as transparent, objective, comprehensive, and equitable.
  • Pay Equity compliant (for jurisdictions requiring Job Evaluation).
  • Administrative and bureaucratic burden is greatly reduced as the system focuses on getting the Job Data right rather than interpreting subjective narrative.
  • Minimize confrontations and disputes about pay grades.
  • Increase stakeholder participation and transparency of results.
  • Establish internal equity positively impacting employee engagement.
  • Easy and cost effective to implement and maintain.

The Encompassing Visions Process

The Encompassing Visions process uses technology to ensure organizational expectations are always clear, concise, and appropriately compensated.

It also ensure employee contributions are objectively tracked, developed, and recognized.

Learn more about the process of Encompassing Visions and the best job evaluation software in the HR marketplace by watching this video.

Job Descriptions

Does your organization find it challenging to capture and maintain job description data?

After the job data is captured by Envitae, our application generates job descriptions, minimizing ‘creative writing’ and enhancing consistency.

  • Employees and management can be involved in completing Envitae, increasing transparency.
  • Core organizational competencies (specific to Competitive Advantage and Culture) are embedded in the Job Description.
  • A more granular job analysis ensures every aspect of the role is described.
  • Both the employee and manager have a common understanding of the role.
  • Job data is easily updated when there is a change in the role by simply modifying Envitae.

Recruiting and Posting

Do you have challenges filling positions with the best suited candidates?

Our Recruiting and Posting module helps ensure your organization hires and/or places the right people in the right role.

  • System generated recruiting and posting summaries include key job factors, technical knowledge, and core organizational competencies (specific to Competitive Advantage and Culture) prescribed for the role. System generated interview questions help interviewers probe the skills and competencies of candidates.
  • These technology enhanced selection tools increase efficiency for recruiters and managers, ensure all the critical aspects of the role are considered and guarantee the core organizational competencies are part of the hiring criteria.

Learning and Growth

Is your organization working to build a culture that supports learning and growth?

With Encompassing Visions, key skills and core organizational competencies (that support Competitive Advantage and Culture) are uniquely generated for each role to facilitate comparison with the employee’s demonstrated proficiencies, in a process that identifies fact-based learning and growth opportunities.

  • Learning and career discussions are enhanced.
  • The assessment and learning opportunities are captured in the Competency Assessment Database.
  • To facilitate career discussions, employee proficiencies can be compared to the competencies required of future roles.
  • System generated questions help identify learning and growth opportunities.
  • The ‘system-stewarded’ process results in consistent and transparent assessment of skills and competencies, as well as, increased efficiency for HR and Managers.
  • 360 degree input can be collected to further refine the objective assessment of skills and competencies.
  • Development needs can be aggregated across any organizational unit to better target the organization’s learning budget.
  • Development needs can be linked to the organization’s learning curriculum to streamline learning investment decisions.
  • The return on the learning expenditures can be assessed as the individual and aggregate improvements in a competency can be tracked.

Talent Assignment and Planning

Are you looking to improve talent assessment, talent assignment and talent planning?

Encompassing Visions helps your organization identify the best internal candidates for open roles.

  • The system tracks the job history and competency assessment of each employee. By comparing demonstrated skills and competencies with those required by the role, the system is able to objectively identify the best candidates and ensure core competencies (specific to Competitive Advantage and Culture) are key selection criteria.
  • The demonstrated competencies of high potential employees can be compared to the requirements of key roles to ensure competency gaps are identified and addressed in Talent Planning.
  • Talent bench strength for a core competency or key roles is easily system generated for Talent planning purposes.


Envitae, our Job Data collection instrument, is an easily completed multiple choice questionnaire. Organization-wide competencies specific to supporting its’ competitive advantage and culture, are collected via Envitae at the ‘role level’. Job Data is simultaneously collected on 29 factors aggregating to: Skills, Effort, Responsibility and Working Conditions. This granular job analysis is comprehensive and efficient. In less than 1 hour it provides Job specific behavioural expectations (e.g. teamwork, innovation, learning, emotional intelligence, managing change, customer service orientation, integrity, etc.); as well as the relative value of the job to the organization.

Job Database

The integrity of the Job Data in the Job Database is assured through checks and audits. Our SQL platform can readily interface with most major HRIS or enterprise platforms by means of an API. Clients can import and apply Job Data to their existing HR applications. Alternatively, they can opt to use the Encompassing Visions’ suite of products, which embeds Job data in a number of HR processes .

Employee Competency Database

Employee’s capabilities are assessed relative to the key skills and competencies prescribed for that role and captured In the Employee Competency Assessment database.

This data set, in conjunction with Job Data, allows meaningful discussions about learning and growth opportunities and automates Talent Assignment (internal placement and promotions) and Talent Planning (assessments of bench strength).

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