Job Evaluation Re-Imagined

Computer Technology makes Job Evaluation Easy and Objective

A better way to collect Job Data; an on-line, multiple-choice Job Analysis Questionnaire collects job information.

The multiple-choice Questionnaire eliminates creative writing (there are no open-ended questions) and takes about one hour to complete.

The Questionnaire probes Job Data across 27 clearly defined job factors; the granularity of the Job data captures all aspects of every job

Job Evaluation results are objective; they are system generated based on the responses to the Questionnaire, with no subjective interpretation required

The technology enables storage and efficient management of Job Data to generate Job Descriptions, Job Evaluations and Recruiting documents

Job Evaluation results are transparent  - Job Descriptions incorporate the actual response to the questionnaire; evaluation criteria is crystal clear.

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Dawne Warner
Dawne Warner
February 13, 2023.
No Other Job Evaluation Software Compares Overall: Working with [sensitive content hidden] and his team is always a pleasure. While extremely knowledgeable, they go above and beyond to ensure that you understand the software and how to effectively use it for years to come. You know that they do not sell software only for the profit, rather they genuinely want it being used to support healthier, equitable and transparent workplaces. Pros: The thoroughness of the JE form - the updates made from the standard JE is invaluable to the process, especially with the modernization of workplaces and skill sets. The reports- It is easy to cross-reference, compare and justify the results so that anyone in the company can comprehend.The Integrity of the software- the mathematical accuracy is critical as this is the foundation. It is important for me to know how much time and commitment as been invested to ensure that the results are accurate and defendable to employees and now to any audits that may follow with the new Federal Pay Equity Legislation. Cons: A "canned" implementation powerpoint that would help me to explain the system and the whys/importance and the benefits to the executive, but more importantly to all employees. As this is a huge time commitment, and the benefits and the whys of utilizing this system would be fairly universal, it would be the cherry on top to have this gifted to us for both modules. Huge time saver!! This has truthfully delayed my roll out.
David Schafer
David Schafer
February 8, 2023.
Encompassing Visions Job Evaluation Software Review Overall: Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a unionized setting; Encompassing Visions supplies a methodology and platform that is readily understood and accepted by the various participants and stakeholders. Experience with the system has been highly favorable, and the software features meet the desires for a digitized work environment. Pros: Encompassing Visions is highly comprehensive and systematic in the software design features. As such, the system supplies the necessary granularity required in job measurement while concurrently offering a design that is readily understood by users and stakeholders. As well, the system outputs such as job description, job posting and position interview guide are invaluable for the associated compensation administration and talent acquisition processes. Cons: A formalized RFP process was deployed, and the competitor bids/presentations proved inadequate in comprehensive comparison. This proved the unanimous viewpoint of the selection committee participants. The software is cutting-edge in terms of the methodology and the approach with job evaluation management. As such, it is challenging to highlight any notable shortcomings with the system.
David Wilson
David Wilson
February 3, 2023.
Excellent Time-Saving and Cost-Effective System Overall: The system speeds up the delivery and accuracy of job evaluation decisions. The position also provides other documents (i.e., job description, job posting, evaluation rationale, etc.). Pros: The system is easy to use, very understandable and only requires data to be entered once into the system. It allows for an organization to create a pay-equity based job evaluation system for all of its jobs. Cons: The system does not automatically link to market data.
Nini Dzagania
Nini Dzagania
February 6, 2021.
Great software. Really helpful Pros: Helpful, prices, easy to understand for me Cons: I least like about this software is colors ans features
Alexandra Black
Alexandra Black
January 30, 2020.
Great Software Overall: It was a great experience. Pros: This software gave us the ability to determine internal equity within our staff, and allow us to develop a salary grid. We really liked the interview question suggestions. Cons: We did not really need some of the other functionalities - i.e. the job descriptions. It does not produce actual job descriptions that are useful for us.
Jim Cooper
Jim Cooper
August 14, 2019.
Job evaluation functionality Overall: We are using the job evaluation functionality to help our company develop an equitable and systematic approach to paying our employees. As the tool has been verified pay equity-compliant, I am confident that the outcomes from this process will be defensible to my clients. Pros: Application is reliable and operates as advertised without fail. The tool is straightforward for users and comprehensive in its content and conceptual approach. Cons: I would like to see the reporting functionality augmented such that keywords can be used to filter report results.
Linda Morin
Linda Morin
June 5, 2019.
Great Job Evaluation Tool Overall: We have used the software for many years. Very pleased with our results in classifying positions. The team reaches out often to see how we are doing and always informs us of upcoming system version changes. They provide exceptional customer service and support. Always going above and beyond! Pros: The job questionnaire is easy to use, detailed, captures 38 competencies and ranks jobs according to a numerical score unbiased. Great System! Cons: I don’t have any cons. The job evaluation system does everything our organization requires.
Karen Armstrong
Karen Armstrong
February 21, 2019.
Great job evaluation tool! Pros: Although it is a detailed job evaluation questionnaire, we feel that improves the quality of the result. Cons: Some of the exported documents require us to do significant formatting for them to be usable for our purposes.
Nathalie Belair
Nathalie Belair
January 23, 2019.
Great Product, Amazing Support! Overall: The support provided by enCompanssing Visions has been an amazing experience from beginning and continuing. They are available for support and respond to any questions in a very timely manner. They make you feel special as a customer, they reach out regularly to check in on you and if you require assistance, discuss upcoming changes in advance and provide extraordinary training. Pros: Following a lot of research into various products to meet our job description and pay equity requirements this product was the best suited to meet our immediate needs and changing organizational needs with future potential to add other components. This software is user friendly and the support offered by enCompassing Visions is amazing. Cons: I don't really have anything I like least within this product, it is truly meeting our organizational needs.
Shannon Jackson
Shannon Jackson
January 18, 2019.
Great Service Overall: We have exclusively utilized enCompassing for position description development and assessment; employee and position skill library; as well as formal performance reviews. The ability for a non-IT person to administer the maintenance of company-specific terminology, etc. And in instances where beyond - service team is second to none. Pros: The ability to connect with the developers about enhancement requests to increase functionality. Ability to maintain employee-specific data by automated links (developed by us) Cons: Inability to apply Corporate template standards to printed materials within the system.

Encompassing Visions is proud to provide products and services to these and many other fine organizations.

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