Understanding Internal Job Evaluation and Compensation Analysis

Through the Encompassing Visions™ internal job evaluation process, our goal is to develop a positive and performance driven culture within an organization. We know it’s important to understand how transparency affects change and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Job evaluation, working in tandem with current and up-to-date job descriptions, is an effective and foundational component when an organization’s goal is to create a comprehensive internal career track and talent management experience.

Encompassing Visions™, an industry-leading job evaluation and talent management platform, will help your organization focus on the things required to ensure an engaged, equitable and fair work environment. Our system will drive the evaluation process which, in turn, will generate job descriptions through a transparent process that is determined by competencies, skills and experience.

Our experienced consultants will guide your team through the evaluation process to help save valuable time and resources. We want to ensure your organization benefits from our comprehensive approach that will result in positive outcomes that will position your organization as a growth leader in your industry.

Understanding Internal Job Evaluation and Compensation Analysis by Encompassing VisionsOur advanced Job Evaluation Platform tool effectively syncs job accountabilities and other required core competencies for each job in your organization.The Encompassing Visions™ system is an extremely effective method to compliment career and talent management within one integrated platform.

Benefits of the Encompassing Visions™ platform for your organization include:

  • Supporting employee retention, recruitment and engagement through accurate, current, objective and system-generated Job Descriptions, Postings and Interview Guides
  • Ensuring Pay Equity compliance in jurisdictions where that matters
  • Tracking and storing granular job information that can be quickly and easily updated
  • Integration with an HRIS
    Establishing the baseline for compensation reviews; the provision of consistent, high quality learning and growth feedback to job incumbents; and, informed succession planning decisions where job details matter.

Keep your organization competitive through compensation analysis

Your organization needs to be competitive by attracting and retaining top talent. Conducting a market analysis will help your organization understand its strengths and potential gaps in policy, recognize and then address potential opportunities that may arise. Our platform and consulting expertise removes the guesswork from knowing how your compensation compares to your competition.

Our team objective for your organization, through the process of our compensation analysis tool and consulting expertise, is to reduce workforce attrition and keep your employees engaged. You want to keep your best talent and move your organization forward, and our services help isolate and improve the factors that make your business a competitive leader in workplace culture development.

Our Encompassing Visions™ team of job evaluation and compensation experts will provide guidance and training to help you thoroughly analyze and understand what your organization is paying for, and why. Connect with Encompassing Visions today and let's chat about a guided demo with our industry-leading job evaluation software and how we can work with you.

If you’re searching for solutions to job evaluation within your organization, we’d love to be of service. Our industry-leading job evaluation software at Encompassing Visions provides critical tools to help understand and engage the important process of job evaluation. If you would like to request a free demo of our industry-leading  job evaluation software, we’d love to chat with you to discuss how we can help your organization. Fill in the short form below!

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